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  • Revolutionary Rinse Water Recycling Solutions for Parts Washing and Metal Finishing.

    Aquas Group Industrial Water Management


Enhanced process control, waste minimization and water recycling.

Aquas Group is chemical engineering based Industrial Water Treatment and Metal Finishing equipment/systems manufacturer with a focus on product quality through enhanced process control, waste minimization and water recycling. Applications include Electroplating, Conversion Coating, Precision Cleaning, Spot Free Rinsing, Leak Testing, Non Destructive Testing, Vibratory Deburring, 3-D Printing, Electrocoating, Passivating and Cleanliness Confirmation.

Located in East Providence, RI, Aquas Group is a thirty year old, highly specialized, designer and manufacturer of metal finishing/wet process lines and rinse water recycling and treatment systems for industrial processes.

From the standpoint of water, Aquas Group provides manufacturers the unique opportunity to purchase comprehensive systems, whereby water management is fully integrated into the metal finishing equipment design.

Aquas Group holds trade marks for the following process water recycling and metal finishing systems:

Aquas Group provides comprehensive support and field service agreements for maintaining systems over time. This includes ion exchange regeneration performed in house, as well as granular activated carbon rebedding. All waste carbon is reverted, or recycled for continuous reuse.

Our reputation and good will are built on a history of responsiveness and we strive to consistently offer best available technology, support and service at the lowest overall cost.

Bios – Principals

Nicholas Paolo – President
Nick holds a degree in Chemical Engineering and has thirty years experience designing and building chemical process lines and industrial rinse water treatment and recycling systems. Nick is highly skilled in chemical, mechanical and electrical design. He manages all inside operations including quotations, systems design and production and service planning and delivery.

Rob Sheldon – Vice President
Serves as Vice President responsible for sales, marketing and business development. Rob has extensive experience in all areas and phases of effective sales as it relates to the metal finishing industry, with a niche focus on recycling of process rinse water.