marine rinse water recycling

Power Wash Water Treatment Systems

AQUASGROUP’s Exclusive Clean Marine Series (CMS) Systems provide reliable and proven power wash water management options backed by a design/build chemical engineering-based manufacturer of industrial waste water treatment and recycling systems for marina, boatyard and shipyard operations

Through an integration of Best Available Technologies (BAT), AQUASGROUP offers standard and custom systems leveraging gravity and centrifugal separation, carbon absorption, ion exchange resin adsorption, ozone and UV light.

CMS Bilge Waste Water Treat & Discharge (T&D) Systems, incorporating Membrane Ultrafiltration and Granular Activated Carbon are also offered.

Benefits include:

  • Zero Liquid Discharge
  • Turnkey Design Support
  • Clean and Clear Recycled Water For Continuous Reuse
  • Comprehensive Maintenance Agreements
  • Compliant Treat & Discharge for Bilge Waste Water Systems