Advanced Vibratory Deburring Recycling Systems

AQUASGROUP’s GFS Advanced Vibratory Recycling Systems (VRS) provide manufacturers proven designs unmatched by traditional bentonite clay (RM-10) flocculation systems and indexing paper filters (Deep Bed). AQUASGROUP’s Advanced Vibratory Recycling Systems continually recycles the water/compound byproduct of the deburring operations, removing solids and bacteria while rendering water reusable indefinitely.

Through an integration of Best Available Technology (BAT) AQUASGROUP offers solutions for applications both small and large. Technologies applied include both gravity and centrifugal force enhanced settling, ozone, and in specific cases, specialized non-fouling membrane ultrafiltration.

Benefits include:

  • Automated Solids Separation
  • Requires No Drain
  • Closed Loop, Zero Liquid Discharge
  • Supports Corporate Sustainability Goals
  • Compact Designs, Chemical Engineered and Industrial Hardened