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    Process Rinse Water Recycling



“Green Manufacturing” is a sustainable manufacturing environment in which energy, raw materials, and overall processes are managed in such a way as to optimize environmental and business interests.

As an important piece of this big picture, AQUASGROUP offers end-to-end sustainable solutions for metal finishing, cleaning, and process rinse water recycling. While some of our systems accommodate pretreat/ discharge business models, all of our systems support Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD); a term used to describe a system that recycles process rinse water by completely cleaning it, enabling its indefinite reuse, and thereby eliminating the need for discharge.

We were an early adopter of Green Manufacturing initiatives such as ZLD and we are now the established leader in this emerging field. Whether you are a forward-thinking company seeking to improve your antiquated facilities, or one that is planning your new Green Factory,AQUASGROUP offers compact solutions that fit nicely into your space-constrained floor layouts and integrate well with your existing equipment.

ZLD and Green Manufacturing mean forward-thinking, because it isn’t just about environmental consciousness, it’s also about:

  • Better process control that results in predictable, repeatable quality improvements of the manufactured parts
  • Avoiding the myriad consequences, fees, permits, reporting requirements, and overall headaches that come with the pretreatment and discharge of process rinse water
  • Eliminating sources of environmental hazards that can and do affect worker health and productivity
  • The end result … Lifecycle cost reduction from all of the above, while also doing the right thing for our environment; and perhaps catching some good publicity and building public goodwill in the process

Industry is “littered” with disjointed pretreat/discharge/haul away business models that can leave you in limbo. AQUASGROUP offers end-to-end solutions that alleviate all of your worries. You won’t be going it alone anymore.

We hope you enjoy learning about our Finishing, Cleaning and Recycling Systems, including our revolutionary Oasis Systems which set the standard for ZLD in Green Manufacturing applications.