Oasis® Series Closed Loop High Temperature Rinse Water Recycling System

Oasis® Series ZLD High Temperature Rinse Water Recycling System provides consistent rinse water purity for spot-free rinse and no discharge to drain. Installed on Better Engineering parts washers.

AQUASGROUP Modular Automatic Flow Through pH Adjust System

Small footprint automated pH Adjust System for continuous flow, automatic operation

Oasis® Series Continuous Metal Strip Washer, Cellular Manufacturing.

Oasis® Series Compact Strip Washer for removing water soluble contaminants from all continuous strip, blanked strip and blanked and formed strip applications, solvent free, ZLD.

Oasis® Series EVERINSE– Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) Cellular Parts Washer

Oasis® Series EVERINSE Wash/Rinse Systems provides ZLD and continuous high purity rinse water for spot-free finish.

Oasis® Series EVERWASH Closed Loop Cellular Parts Washer

Oasis® Series Zero Liquid Discharge Parts Washer, manual and automated, for cellular manufacturing application, drain-less operation.

Oasis® Series Electroplating Systems for Electronic Applications

Oasis® Series Custom electroplating consoles for precious metal applications including Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) rinse water recycling systems

Oasis® Series Automatic Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) Metal Finishing Line

Oasis® Series ZLD Metal Finishing Lines – For manual and automated metal finishing systems, OASIS Metal Finishing Lines are designed based upon the efficient use of water and ZLD, providing pure rinse uniformity while minimizing the contamination of all process bath chemistry. As with the balance of the OASIS line, all process rinse water is continuously recycled.

AQUASGROUP GFS WasteWizard Non Fouling Ultrafilter

Revolutionary non-fouling Membrane U/F System for recycling vibratory deburring solutions, alkaline cleaners, oil water separation