Process Rinse Water Automotive Recycling Systems

AQUASGROUP’s GFS IX Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) Rinse Water Automotive Recycling Systems are installed in a variety of automotive applications where high product quality, zero liquid discharge and corporate sustainability are considered priorities. These unique systems provide manufacturers of automotive components and assemblies unparalleled recycling solutions that support lowered cost, industrial hygiene and mandated corporate sustainability goals in an industrial hardened, compact and reliable design. Systems are available for both ambient and high temperature and are applied to a variety of metal finishing processes including electroplating, passivating, anodizing, electro-coating, electropolishing, parts washing applications and many more.

Continuously recycled, deionized process rinse water assures uniform results, supporting enhanced process control though water quality equilibrium. All AQUASGROUP Systems are supported by an internal chemical, electrical and mechanical engineering staff combined with a team of trained field service technicians ready to accommodate you specific interests.

Applications include all metal finishing processes, including precision cleaning, electroplating, passivating, electrocoating, electropolishing, water jet, X-Ray systems, and all other post-process rinse requirements.

Benefits include:

  • Spot Free Rinse
  • Consistent Rinse Water Quality
  • Closed Loop, Zero Liquid Discharge
  • Supports Corporate Mandated Sustainability Goals
  • Compact Design, Chemical Engineered and Industrial Hardened