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Services We Provide

AQUASGROUP supports the entire system lifecycle, encompassing Assessment – Design – Build – Install – Service. Being the industry leader brings responsibility; specifically, to be diligent in the promotion of alternative beneficial practices, and to always understand current legislation and trends. We gladly accept that challenge and offer a host of knowledge-based strategies to ensure your new system is designed and built to be “future-proof.”

We Complete a Creative AssessmentBased on customer requirements, synthesized with our industry knowledge, AQUASGROUP performs a creative assessment of available system options, consistent with your factory environment. Whether you will be introducing a system into your existing facility, or you are planning your new Green Factory, this assessment is of no cost, even if no system is purchased.
We Design a SystemStarting with our full range of baseline systems, AQUASGROUP engineers will work closely with you to customize a system design that is compatible with both your current and future needs. We were an early adopter of ZLD and we are now the leader. This pays dividends to our customers. For all systems we design and build, we apply our unique and advanced applications engineering experience to optimize performance and flexibility.
We Build the SystemAt build time, our continuous components review process and design critique assures the application of Best Available Technology, leveraging current and field-proven software and hardware innovations. We are always seeking to improve what we do and how we do it.
We Install the SystemInstallation, start-up and training is both offered and recommended for all of the Systems that we provide. These services are supported through a combined effort comprised of our trained field services teams and our mechanical, electrical and chemical engineers.
We Service the SystemMany of AQUASGROUP’s customers take full advantage of our Unique Team Services Program, which provides periodic maintenance inspections and services required to ensure ongoing, reliable operation of our systems. Our programs provide welcome relief to in-house Facilities and Machine Tool Services Departments, allowing them to focus on actual production equipment demands.

The Common Denominator – Partnership

  • Our company’s success is tightly woven with that of our customers
  • Customers know a real partnership “attitude” when they see one
  • Excellence is achieved only by working toward successful partnerships and their consequent trust