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    Process Rinse Water Recycling
ServiceSummary Description of Service
Creative AssessmentNo cost assessment of available options for implementation of both process Rinse Water Recycling Systems and Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) Metal Finishing Lines.
Unique Applications EngineeringThroughout the spectrum of the equipment we manufacture, AQUASGROUP provides unique, experience-based solutions, which yield superior performance and flexibility
Components ReviewContinuous design critique assures application of Best Available Technology (BAT) leveraging current software and hardware innovations
Forward ThinkingAQUASGROUP is a forward thinking, creative, design/ build manufacturer leveraging modern innovation combined with long established, unique applications engineering knowledge.
Ongoing PartnershipsOur reputation for long standing relationships is based upon the ongoing creative support we aggressively provide our customers. As requirements evolve, we are relied upon for our knowledge in our unique niche.
Constant ImprovementOur ongoing, daily challenge is for continuous improvement in how we operate as a service organization and as a manufacturer of custom systems. We know we can always do better and we are driven by our inquisitive, creative collective minds.
Customers RespectOur customers are our life blood. We pledge to do our best to accommodate their needs, both cost effectively and with the highest level of quality and care.

Green Factory

  • Better process control that results in predictable, repeatable quality improvements of the manufactured parts
  • Avoiding the myriad consequences, fees, permits, reporting requirements, and overall headaches that come with the pretreatment and discharge of process rinse water.
  • Eliminating sources of environmental hazards that can and do affect worker health and productivity
  • The end result? … Lifecycle cost reduction from all of the above, while also doing the right thing for our environment; and perhaps catching some good publicity and building public goodwill in the process.