What is Green Factory?

  • Achieve Mandated Corporate Sustainability Objectives with Aquas Group.

    Aquas Group Green Factory Series
  • Zero Liquid Discharge Engineered Metal Finishing Systems.

    Aquas Group Green Factory Series
  • Florescent Penetrent Rinse Water Recycling Systems.

    Aquas Group Green Factory Series
  • Revolutionary Process Rinse Water Recycling Systems

    Aquas Group Green Factory Series


AquasGroup is on the forefront of sustainability

Green Factory is defined by sustainable production.

Aquas Group provides sustainable metal finishing systems and equipment for the factory of the future, where water is recycled, and waste is minimized through practical techniques.

Innovation and ingenuity in embracing manufacturing’s future as it pertains to environmental awareness and sustainability define Aquas Group. Our products and services have proven that sustainable manufacturing practices and techniques yield superior products, expressed in enhanced process control, quality and lowest overall cost.