Industries Served

  • Enhanced process control for cleaner parts.

    Aquas Group Industrial Water Recycling
  • Customized solutions for greater manufacturing ROI.

    Aquas Group Industrial Water Recycling
  • Benchmark solutions for process rinse water recycling.

    Aquas Group Industrial Water Recycling
  • Supporting Turbine Engine, Medical Device, Electronics, Jewelry, and Marine Industries.

    Aquas Group Industrial Water Recycling


Solutions for custom chemical process lines

As a design/build manufacturer of custom chemical process lines and waste minimization and process rinse water recycling systems, Aquas Group provides effective solutions for a variety of industries including:

  • Aerospace
    • Turbine Engine Manufacturing
    • Turbine Engine Overhaul and Repair (FAA and JAA)
  • Automotive
  • Micro Electronics
  • Medical Devices
  • Fire Arms
  • Jewelry

Aquas Group’s Green Factory Series (GFS) Systems provide these manufacturers improved quality through enhanced process control yielding a clean process.

“We provide manufacturers custom equipment at the lowest overall price” says Rob Sheldon, Aquas Group’s VP of Sales & Marketing. “Our comprehensive capability eliminates wasteful spending on inefficient design.”

Aquas Group provides a unique service where all aspects of metal finishing, including water quality and waste minimization, are anticipated in the design. Typical systems run the spectrum from simple, manual modules to relative complex, fully automated systems equipped with “state of the art” automation including real time data acquisition, random loading, and fully automated chemical addition.