• Working With AQUASGROUP

    Process Rinse Water Recycling

AQUASGROUP offers end-to-end sustainable solutions for metal finishing, cleaning, and advanced process rinse water systems. Our solutions help our customers avoid the myriad consequences and complexities that come with the pretreatment and discharge of process rinse water. In other words, we are in the business of simplifying our customers’ operations. We are longstanding advocates that the future of United States based manufacturing includes superior product quality, which is, in part, made achievable through enhanced process control derived from waste minimization and process rinse water recycling.

In summary, this is how we work:

We Complete a Creative AssessmentInitially, AQUASGROUP will perform a no cost creative assessment of available options for implementation in your factory environment, whether it be a Process Rinse Water Recycling System or a Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) Metal Finishing Line.
We Design a SolutionFor all of the systems we design and build, we bring Unique Applications Engineering Experience that enables us to design a solution for you that optimizes performance and flexibility. We were an early adopter of ZLD and we are now the leader. Whether you will be introducing a system into your existing facility, or you are planning your new Green Factory, AQUASGROUP engineers will work closely with you, providing a comprehensive assessment, as we design and build a system that is compatible with both your current and future needs.
We “Future-Proof” the DesignBeing the industry leader brings responsibility; specifically, to be diligent in the promotion of alternative beneficial practices, and in understanding current legislation, and trends. We gladly accept that challenge and offer a host of knowledge-based strategies to ensure your new system takes advantage of the Best Available Technologies (BAT), leveraging current software and hardware innovations. We are always seeking to improve what we do and how we do it.

The Common Denominator – Partnership

  • Our company’s success is tightly woven with that of our customers
  • Customers know a real partnership “attitude” when they see one
  • Excellence is achieved through working towards successful partnerships and their consequent trust